Helping cancer patients find light in their darkest hour
Coaching you to a happier, healthier life



Nina W.U



Oh my goodness! What a journey health and wellness can be! A serious health crisis faced by both Karen and Nina led them to understand SO much more about the importance of how we take part in our own lives.

Health Coaches For Everyone – If you want to feel great, and live a happier, healthier life, you have come to the right place

Our Approach:


  • FOOD: the foods we choose to eat make a huge contribution to the state of our health, our moods, the way we think and our energy levels.
  • THOUGHTS and BELIEFS: many of the choices we make in life are based upon the thoughts and beliefs we have. The responses we have to life’s experiences; the food choices we make and the reactions we have towards the people in our lives are examples of the influence of our thoughts and beliefs.
  • HABITS: the habits we form, both good and bad, can affect the physical health of our bodies, the relationships we have and how we feel about ourselves. Habits can have tremendous impact on our lives.
  • Exercise though, in moderation, can play a powerful role in the recovery and maintenance of the body.

What Clients Say


I have appreciated everything you have done for me which I will be eternally grateful

Peter S

Karen is a great example of the perfect person to help guide you through a tough journey. has great compassion and empathy for her clients.

Susan D

I find Karen passionate about her field with a genuine desire to help people improve their lives.

Morgan H

Thank you Wellness Unwrapped for a gorgeous evening at the screening of HEAL...it takes a lot of hard work, passion and drive to bring such a special event and message to the local community..well done! It was a beautiful evening with lots of love and positive energy 

Jessie A

I attended the Meditation Workshop 20 July. Learned alot about how meditation can help to heal and calm. Very interesting, informative and excellent presentation, thanks Karen. You are truly inspiring. Keep up the great work you do...

Doreen C

Really enjoyed the 'Fake Food for thought' seminar yesterday. Very informative and well presented! Thanks for the yummy snacks too Nina.

Amber B

How It Works?


Follow The Regime

Increase your energy levels

Work For Result

Develop a greater understanding of what your body needs and how and why your body responds in the way it does

Eat Healthy

Learn about new foods that will benefit you, and how to incorporate them

Enjoy Your Life

Discover the confidence to enjoy being you


Even when you know that making changes would make all the difference to how you feel, how you cope day to day or the potential outcome of a chronic health condition, it isn’t always easy to maintain motivation and stick to those changes…sometimes, even the thought of identifying those changes can be confronting – that’s where a Health Coach can have an impact.


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