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SAYING ‘GOODBYE’ How do you prepare for a trip knowing that it could be the last opportunity you have to see and say goodbye to so many significant people in your life? Oh, I know…I’ve heard it a hundred times before… “None of us know when it’s our turn to say goodbye.” Or, “a bus could hit anyone of us unexpectedly tomorrow!” These comments are often the response of those trying to silence the topic of death. And I understand that. And because I understand that, I’m compassionate and let the comments drift away on the breath that formed them but for me, the receiver of such comments, they can feel dismissive of my reality. My life, to some degree, is suspended in limbo –

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BALANCING THE HECTICNESS OF REALITY & LIFE For over a decade now I’ve valued the importance of good nutrition, enjoying my relationships with family, friends & those I come into contact with (yep…even a 5 minute encounter with someone is a relationship…make it a pleasant one!), exercise, inner calm (that means keeping stress at arm’s length), fresh air & the feeling of gratitude towards life. I doubt that many people would argue with those important features of living well. Wouldn’t life be amazing if every one of our days embraced these? Last night, on my way home from a busy day lecturing at college & a busy evening teaching at an education centre, I was pooped! Both mentally & physically I felt exhausted. Before I

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A Request for Wisdom

A Request for Wisdom A few days ago I received a text message from a very dear friend in the UK. Her message was short and succinct. She had just received a diagnosis for stage 2 breast cancer. The medical advice she’d received was for a ‘full mastectomy’. Her diagnosis was recent and she was still in shock. She apologised for asking me “for advice; my wisdom in how to deal with all this.” This was the message with which I started that day. I immediately responded by firing back a text message. I had so many questions. Breast cancer is never simply ‘breast cancer’…there are different forms…which one did my friend have? It was difficult to discern what to say without knowing what information

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