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Even when you know that making changes would make all the difference to how you feel, how you cope day to day or the potential outcome of a chronic health condition, it isn’t always easy to maintain motivation and stick to those changes…sometimes, even the thought of identifying those changes can be confronting – that’s where a Health Coach can have an impact.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is someone who provides ongoing support and guidance; someone trained to help you identify what it is that impacts on your life. They help you set goals and make long term, sustainable changes.

Here at Wellness Unwrapped we do all this and a little more. Here’s how…

Health and well-being are intrinsically linked…each affect the state of the other. This is why Wellness Unwrapped doesn’t focus on any one aspect – we take into consideration what it is that impacts on how you live your life. We explore the strengths and struggles that affect your physical, emotional, mental, social, relational and spiritual health. Each of these areas influence how you feel and how you show up each day. We work holistically with you to rebalance the imbalances in your life.

Despite all we share, we are each unique. Your challenges and goals are your own. As Health Coaches working with those living with cancer, our role is to educate and through that education, empower you. We know the transformation that can happen when a greater understanding of what the body needs, and how and why the body responds in the way it does, is understood. We’ve experienced it within our own health journeys and seen it time and time again in others!

We know the power of support. Working in partnership with you is one of the key ways we support you. Wellness Unwrapped offers a range of ways you can access our support

Do you want to explore our website?

If you are new to the idea of engaging a Health Coach we invite you to explore this website and enjoy the articles and recipes that we post. We hope that, over time, you find balanced information and ideas here that help you understand and process the lifestyle options available so that you can introduce them immediately into your life.

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You don’t have to go it alone…

Sometimes gathering information and knowing there are changes that would benefit your health and well-being aren’t enough…it isn’t always easy to make sense of all the information or make those changes on your own. Because of this we offer you a number of ways to access our support…

* Free Initial Consultation – a 1 hour initial consultation in which we discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how you can best be supported in achieving your goals. This also gives you an opportunity to meet your coach. At the end of the session your coach will identify areas they consider they can help you.

* Individual Consultations – 1 hour sessions ($75 per hour). These are offered after an initial consultation has been completed and are organised upon request. The purpose of these

consultations are varied but might include specific nutritional support; identifying areas of chronic stress and establishing ways to manage this; identifying ways in which support or assistance can be obtained; building a detailed plan of action to help you identify and maintain changes etc.

* Three Month Support Program – ($810 AUD if paid in full or $900 AUD paid in 3x monthly instalments of $300pm).

After your initial, free consultation you may prefer to take advantage of this program

Diagnosis is a time many who are newly diagnosed consult various health practitioners and gather information from the internet in a bid to understand their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. This package is designed to support you in discerning and correlating the information you will be gathering – some of which will seem to be conflicting, challenging and/or overwhelming.

This consists of:

     * 6 x 1hour sessions (2 sessions per month) offering coaching, support and guidance to help you understand what is available to help you. These sessions will cover:

     * dietary and lifestyle changes that may benefit you managing your well-being

     * discussions around your health and any medical protocols you are considering

     * increasing your understanding of how lifestyle can impact on your needs, that of your relationships and your body’s ability to cope with life’s stresses

     * other allied practitioners that may be able to support you

     * A consultation summary at the beginning and end of the three month program

     * Research material relevant to individual needs

     * Ongoing email and/or phone support during this period

We invite you to contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation and initial consultation to determine how we can best support you in achieving wellness.


We offer workshops throughout the year in Busselton, Margaret River, Narrogin and Yallingup. The dates for these are posted on our events page at Facebook@wellnessunwrapped, through this website and our bi-monthly newsletter. Our current workshop titles are as follows:

Nine Key Factors That Can Make a Difference

This is an interactive workshop designed to highlight the value of approaching healing from an integrative perspective; physically, emotionally & spiritually. It marries together the work of Dr. Kelly Turner, researcher & consultant in the field of integrative oncology, Dr. Ian Gawler OAM & Dr. Craig Hassad.

Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

This workshop looks at various approaches to using diet as a therapeutic tool for affecting the health of cancer cells. It looks at the main principles that these diets use so that cancer patients & carers can understand when it is appropriate to introduce a nutritional approach to strengthen the benefit

of treatments, how to use nutrition to regain health and why certain foods can have such a detrimental effect on cancer cells.

The Mind/Body Connection

This workshop explores the effects of stress; encourages participants to look at how and where stress plays a part in their own lives and uncovers the benefits of relaxation methods that counteract the physiological effects of chronic stress.

The work of psychotherapist Ken Mellor, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Jon Kabat-Zin, PhD and cell-biologist Bruce Lipton PhD are woven into the presentation of this workshop.


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