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Meditation, Journaling & A Look At Spirituality – reconnect to you  (4hr workshop).

Next workshop 25th August 2019.

Fear, grief, anger and feelings around ‘loss of potential future’ often accompany a diagnosis of cancer (or any chronic health condition). This can heighten our sense of helplessness. Understanding why and how different techniques can assist in coping (well) can empower you to look ahead with confidence.

Karen learnt, from personal experience, how we can unwittingly influence our health. She has come to know that when we understand this, we have the opportunity to improve our health outcomes. As a result, this workshop has been designed with a specific focus on the benefits of meditation, journalling and understanding the spiritual nature of who we are and how this can relate to our joy in life. This 4 hour workshop provides the opportunity to participate in activities designed to develop and polish your understanding of this so that you can support your health and well being. With understanding and practice, these beneficial approaches allow you to reconnect with your ‘inner voice’. We often overlook this quiet knowledgeable voice despite the wisdom it can offer. 

Meditation, Journaling & A Look At Spirituality – reconnect to you’  is designed to help you relax and begin to know your self at a deeper level. It promises to leave you feeling uplifted with new skills and insights to help you manage the stress, anxiety and fears that creep into our daily lives – particularly whilst living with a chronic health condition.

Whilst this workshop is primarily designed for those living with cancer, anyone living with a chronic health condition would benefit.

Cost: $40 per person inclusive of participant resources and refreshments