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Nina's Story

Health & Wellness – We all have it within us. Our bodies are designed to be healthy, naturally.
It`s really simple actually. If we give ourselves the right ingredients, terrain and environment we can all flourish with health and vitality.
Of course there will be times when we fall under the weather or become ill for some unknown reason, but there is lots we can do to drastically reduce these occurrences.
I wish I had had all of this knowledge when I was growing up. Who knows, I may have been able to alter the path my health took me to.
Just a couple of months after my 40th birthday I had a seizure in my sleep one night. It was totally unexpected. As far as I was aware I was a fit, healthy, wife and a mother of 3 gorgeous girls. I was enjoying life, exercised regularly, ate what I considered to be a fairly healthy diet and was happy.
Life changed in a huge way for me after the seizure. I was diagnosed with a stage 3 malignant brain tumour.
I could not have been more in shock. Physically I felt fine. Absolutely normal. No pain. No headaches. No trauma.
However, mentally was a different story. I felt so many different emotions trying to come to terms with this devastating news. Anger. Shock. Disbelief. Sadness. Rage.
To gain some kind of control over this diagnosis I threw myself into researching everything I possibly could about healthcare, cancer, natural healing and living a disease free life.
A whole new world opened up to me. I had always considered myself to be pretty health conscious. Although now I had been catapulted to a whole new level. I was learning things about food, nutrition and lifestyle that I believe everyone should have the opportunity of knowing. I am positive that if people knew about these quite often simple facts, it could change decisions we would make to ensure a healthier lifestyle is maintained.
I enrolled to do a course with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to give me the tools to help others who are interested to improve not only their own health but their lives too.  I am always looking to learn and research as much as possible about how we have the power to improve our own health.  Our bodies want to be healthy and live as long as possible.  I am currently enrolled on a course to improve my knowledge even further with The Functional Nutrition Academy.
When you eat, behave and think in a healthier way it has such a massive ripple effect on the rest of your life. You feel happier. You have more energy. You are more alert. You sleep better. You make better decisions.
For me, cancer wasn`t the END, it was the beginning of a new found passion…….