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Our Approach

Both Karen and Nina use very similar approaches with their clients at Wellness Unwrapped. This is because, at the core of their work is the value they place on connecting with and empowering those they work with. This and maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism is invaluable in their roles as Health Coaches.

Karen`s previous careers involved both teaching and social work whilst Nina has previous experience in hospitality, beauty therapy and policing. Their experiences, knowledge and exposure to some situations that many may consider difficult or uncomfortable, have given them tools that help them deliver their health coaching practices in a friendly, supportive, professional and discreet manner.

Karen`s background in teaching exposed her to the power of education…when it’s done well. As she explains, “It’s an intoxicating experience when you watch a child or adult grow in confidence through their learning. Through accessing what is relevant to them, in an environment that is safe, encouraging, patient and fun, magic can happen!” When such an environment is offered, people don’t only grow in their knowledge, they also grow into themselves and it’s this that underpins the ways in which Karen and Nina work as Health Coaches.

Nina has always had a keen interest in nutrition and the impact of healthy lifestyle choices. It has become one of her great passions and she can often be found reading, watching and absorbing information that enables her to develop ways to improve as many areas as possible in her own family’s life. What this helps to create is a happy, healthy, balanced family. Our approach as Health Coaches, is one of teacher and guide; our support enables you to gain a greater understanding about what it is that will help you work towards and gain a greater feeling of wellness.

Both Karen and Nina, through their own experiences of living with cancer, know there is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is this that informs their holistic approach to health and wellness, which means they look at how all areas of life are connected for each client.

When you face a challenging prognosis, go through medical treatments, are recovering from illness or trying to rebuild your health there are often areas in your life that can either support or hinder your overall sense of well-being. As Health Coaches, Karen and Nina believe illness, health and wellness are intrinsically linked. They also know how difficult it can be adjusting to the challenges a cancer diagnosis brings. It can be confronting making the sometimes life altering decisions that have to be considered. Managing changes in financial circumstances, or the fear and confusion experienced due to conflicting advice you may receive also bring challenges.

It is important to know how valuable support that helps you manage your unique circumstances can be. It can come in many forms; helping you consider practitioners that may benefit you, supporting you as you incorporate practices that can assist you in healing, rebuilding and maintaining wellness or assisting you in seeking and considering research and information relevant to your situation.

Some concepts that we may explore together are as follows;

We Meet You Where You’re At: Cancer isn’t one disease and we aren’t clones! Whilst cancer cells may behave in similar ways, each classification of cancer will have specific mechanisms that you may be able to influence through dietary considerations, exercise and looking at any influences that how you live your life might have upon your wellbeing. For example, cancers such as uterine and testicular cancers can be influenced by specific hormones…and there are many things in our day to day living that can affect the dominance of these in our bodies. Our priority is to tailor our support to your circumstances and we welcome enquiries from those who are newly diagnosed, currently utilising oncology treatments, using a combination of oncology treatments and holistic protocols, approaching their diagnosis entirely holistically, managing recurrence or working to regain their health and well-being.

More Than Primary Food: It’s not all about the food…there are many other things that contribute to our sense of fulfilment and being nurtured. Many other factors weave a thread through our day to day lives; relationships, illness, career/work, physical activity, our beliefs and perspectives about life and spiritual awareness all affect how well our lives are nourished. When any of these factors are out of balance we become less fulfilled which often affects what and how we eat, the way we behave and the decisions we make. When our lives are balanced we have a greater sense of fulfilment in the way we live our life, the relationships we have and the thoughts and choices we make. This, in turn, brings us a greater sense of joy and brings us greater health.

Bio-Individuality: The idea behind bio-individuality is that every person has unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This is why fad diets may work for one person but not another or why a treatment may work for one person but not another. Positive changes can be achieved by taking a bio-individual approach – that is, supporting you as an individual; looking at your unique needs; your lifestyle preferences, your personal values, beliefs and your ancestral background.

To sum it up; Karen and Nina look at you as the gloriously unique person you are. They work with you to devise a plan to help you improve your health, lifestyle and therefore, wellbeing – working with you and supporting you in your endeavour to truly heal, or live well despite having cancer is what we look forward to doing.

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