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* Your Body and Your mind (4 hr workshop)

This workshop highlights the work of psychologist and psychotherapist Ken Mellor, surgeon Dr. Bernie Siegal, & ‘father of western meditation’ Jon Kabat-Zin, PhD. This workshop explores the destructive nature of stress on our health; the link this has to disease & wellbeing & the restorative effect of the relaxation response.

Through the activities woven into Your Body and Your Mind, participants are offered the opportunity of looking at how and where stress plays a part in their lives and uncovers the benefits that relaxation methods can have on counteracting the physiological effects of chronic stress. Through this workshop participants will come to understand better the link & communication that takes place between the mind & body & experience first-hand the effects this can have.

This is a workshop that would benefit anyone interested in maintaining good health, living with or recovering from a chronic health condition.

Cost: $40 per person inclusive of participant resources and refreshments.